What is Phonetics & phonology? | Linguistics

 Phonetics & Phonology in Linguistics

Phonetics :-

Phonetics is a branch of linguistics which is concerned with the production of speech sounds by humans. It is the scientific study of various forms of sounds and their production, transmission and reception. As a science, it also deals with the articulation, description, classification and production of speech sounds.

Phonetics can be sub divided into three branches :-

Let's discuss them briefly one by one:

1) Articulatory phonetics :- 

It studies the movements of speech organs which produce sounds of a language. These various organs of speech such as lips, tongue, larynx, teeth, soft and hard palate etc. by their restricted movements produce various speech sounds. These organs take part in the articulation of words.

2) Acoustic phonetics :-

This branch deals with the sound waves or the physical properties of the sounds. It studies the properties of the sound waves formed as a consequence of the disturbances in the air.

3) Auditory phonetics :-

It is the study of hearing and how people perceive speech sounds. It deals with how people recognize and differentiate speech sounds from other sounds and how they discern them. It studies auditory quality, pitch and loudness of sounds.

इस आर्टिकल को हिन्दी में पढ़ने के लिए नीचे दिए गए लिंक पर जाएं:- What is Phonetics and Phonology?

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Phonology :-

Phonology is a branch in linguistics concerned with the study of  the sound system of a language. While phonetics studies various speech sounds by humans, phonology deals with the sound system and patterns of a particular / specific language. It is the study of distinctive or different patterns of sounds in different languages.

Phonology studies the range and functions of sounds and how these units of sound are actually used in specific languages. Different languages employ a certain number of sounds and organise them into a meaningful patterns which makes the phonology of that language.


  1. Organs of Speech.
  2. Approaches to study of language. Evolution of English language. (To be uploaded soon)
  3. Registers, dialect and style.
  4. Phonemes and allophones.
  5. Différence between phonetics and phonology.
  6. How English because a world language.
Frequently Asked Questions:-

1) Three major branches of phonetics are?
Answer- a) Articulatory, b) Acoustic, c) Auditory.

2)What are the main difference between phonetics and Phonology?
Answer- Touch this link 🔗.

3) What is Phonetics explain?
Answer- phonetics is the study of human speech sounds and their physiological features.

What is phonetics and Phonology


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