Privious year question paper of MA English Literature (Critical Theory) Paper - 1 (3rd semester)

Privious Year Question paper of Critical Theory (MA English Literature)

Privious Year Question paper of Critical Theory (MA English Literature)
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SECTION - A Objective Type Questions

Q1. Choose the correct option :-

1) Who said, "Plot is the soul of tragedy"?

a) Homer                     b) Aristotle

c) Longinus                 d) Dryden

2) Sources of sublimity are :-

a) Two                          b) Three 

c) Four                         d) Five

3) Who said, " poetry is a spontaneous overflow of powerful feelings" ?

a) Longinus                 b) Arnold

c) Wordsworth           d) Coleridge

4) The concept of fancy and imagination was propounded by :-

a) Coleridge                 b) Wordsworth 

c) Sydney                     d) Dr. Johnson

5) Touchstone method is associated with :-

a) Eliot                          b) Mathew Arnold 

c) Coleridge                 d) Dr. Johnson

SECTION - B Short Answer Type (any five)

7×5 = 35 Marks

Q2. Write a brief on Rasa Theory.

Q3. Discuss theory of imitation.

Q4. Define sublimity with its sources.

Q5. Write a note on French and English drama.

Q6. Write Wordsworth's concept of simple language in poetry.

Q7. Discuss Coleridge's views on imagination and fancy.

Q8. Discuss Mathew Arnold's views on poetry.

Q9. Bring out TS Eliot's concept of Objective correlative.

SECTION - C Long Answer Type (any two)

20 ×2 = 40 Marks

Q10. Discuss Aristotle as a critic.

Q11. Discuss Longinus as a first romantic critic.

Q12. Discuss Wordsworth's theory of poetry.

Q13. Evaluate Coleridge as a critic.

Q14. Evaluate TS Eliot as a critic.

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