Previous year question paper of MA English Literature (Indian Writings in English) Paper - 3 (3rd semester)

 MA English Literature Previous year Question Paper

MA English literature 3rd sem previous year question paper



Section-A Objective Type Questions

Q1. Choose the correct option :-

2×5=10 Marks

1) Tagore was given the Nobel Award in.....

a)1913.     b)1923
c)1918.     d)non of these

2) Wings of Fire is a.....

a) biography.        b) autobiography
c) A play.                 d) A story

3) Who is known as a mystic poet :-

a)Arun Joshi.     b) Tagore
c) Anita Desai.    d) Badal Sirkar

4) Valley of Assassins is written by :-

a) Badal Sircar.    b)Arun Joshi
c) Anita Desai.      d) Asif Currimbhoy

5) Maya is a character in....

a) Savitri.     b) Geetanjali
c) The city and the river. d) Cry, the Peacock

Section -B Short answer type (any five)

7×5=35 Marks

Q2. Explain with reference to context :-

It was the hour before the God's awake, Across the path of the divine event. The huge foreboding mind of the night alone, In her unit temple of Eternity.

Q3. Explain with reference to context :-

At the immortal touch of thy hands, My little heart looses its limits in joy and gives birth to utterance ineffalable.

Q4. Explain with reference to the context :-

Be active, take on responsibility! Work for things you believe in. If you do not, you are surrendering your fate to others.

Q5. Examine the theme of Savitri.

Q6. Give a brief note on Geetanjali.

Q7. Examine the life of APJ Kalam.

Q8. Write a short note on Valley of Assassins.

Q9. Write a note on Arun Joshi.

Q10. Examine the theme of City and the River.

Section-C Long Answer Type ( any two) 

20×2=40 Marks

Q11. Critically evaluate Tagore as a poet on the basis of the poems you have read.

Q12. Discuss in detail the views of APJ Kalam in Wings of Fire.

Q13. Evaluate Savitri as an Epic.

Q14. Discuss Asif Currimbhoy as a Dramatist.

Q15. Examine Anita Desai as a Novelist.

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