MA English Questions Paper (English Language) Paper - 2 (3rd semester)

 Previous year question paper of MA 3rd SEM English Literature

Previous year question paper of MA 3rd SEM English Literature



SECTION-A Objective Type Questions

2×5=10 Marks

Q1. Choose the correct option :-

1) Total number of vowel sounds in English is :-

a) 24                               b) 20 

c) 26                               d) non of these

2) In common English pronunciation /eI/ is a :-

a) alphabet                    b) pure vowel 

c) monophthong          d) diphthong

3) Articulatory, Acoustic and Auditory are the three major branches of:-

a) Phonology                b) Semantics 

c) Phonetics                  d) Grammar

4) Signal out the active organ of speech :-

a) tongue                       b) Teeth 

c) Uvula                         d) Palate

5) Scientific study of language is called :-

a) Sentence                   b) Grammar 

c) Linguistics                d) Literature

SECTION-B Short Answer Type (any five)

7×5=35 Marks

Q2. Give some definition of language given by famous linguists.

(OR)  Write some characteristics of language.

Q3. What are the three language varieties you have read? Define any one.

(OR)   Write briefly about the approaches to the study of language.

Q4. Make clear the difference between phonetics and phonology.

(OR)    Name all the active and passive organs of speech.

Q5. What is phoneme?

(OR)   What do you mean by RP?

Q6. Write some important characteristics of transformational generic grammar.

(OR)    Do you know Noam Chomsky? Write about him as a linguist.

SECTION-C Long Answer Type Questions (any two)

20×2=40 Marks

Q7. Trace in detail the development of English language.

Q8. Make clear with illustrations the Synchronic and diachronic approaches to the study of language.

Q9. Write a full length answer on organs of speech.

Q10. Attempt an standard table of phonetic symbols for sounds in RP.

Q11. Write about the basics of Transformational generic grammar.

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