Character Sketch of Ariel (the tempest) - William Shakespeare

Character Sketch of Ariel in the Tempest 

Character Sketch of Ariel the tempest
Source: wikimedia commons

📃Introduction : Ariel :-

Ariel is an airy spirit in the famous play the tempest written by William Shakespeare. He was imprisoned in a tree on the remote island by a witch sycorax, when he refused to serve her. When Prospero landed on the island he first encountered Ariel and set him free. Since then Ariel serves Prospero.

However, he only promised to work in service of Prospero for a year. But we don’t know for how long he has already served his master as Prospero arrived on this island twelve years back. So, it seems that Prospero is unwilling to free him as he helps him in creating magical spells. Further, Ariel has a wide range of magical powers and also he has a command over the lesser spirits. Even, many of the complex executions of this plot are done by Ariel itself.

Character created by William Shakespeare
Play name The Tempest
Status Serves Prospero
Character Good airy Spirit
Antithesis to Caliban
Role Cast spells for Prospero

✒️Character Sketch of Ariel :-

Along with Ariel, Caliban, the son of witch sycorax, also serves to his master Prospero. Both of them wants their freedom. But Ariel stands in stark contrast with Caliban in terms of method adopted for their freedom.
Where on one side, Ariel willingly carries out Prosperous wishes as he wants to be free. The other side, Caliban conspires to plot an unsuccessful coup against his master to be free. Their ways are very different. Although Ariel wants his freedom, he carries out the tasks and executes his master’s commands with utter enthusiasm. He quickly performs what is asked and instantly reports the aftermaths.
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Though, Ariel is an airy spirit and acknowledged for his white magics in the play, he has a humanizing effects on the play. He is virtuous spirit and has goodness and empathy. Even, the human characters in the play lack these qualities. He has learnt many human traits and has manipulative skills like them. He requests his master, Prospero to forgive his enemies as they're are now repentant. Rightly, Ariel is an angelic figure with a good command on human matters.

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