Character Sketch of Bholi (Class-10) 150 words

Character Sketch of Bholi Class-10

Q. Character Sketch of Bholi in 100/150 words.

Q. Sketch the character of Bholi.

Q. Give the character Sketch of Bholi in your own words.

Answer :
Bholi was a simple and neglected girl. She was the fourth daughter of Ramlal. She was an introvert and innocent child. She stammered while speaking. She also had marks of chicken-pox on her body and face. This made her under-confident. Bholi was even neglected by her own family. 

But, then she went to school. She got there a very kind teacher. She began to gain knowledge and confidence. After some time she became a knowledgeable and educated person. Indeed, Bholi was hardworking, who changed her life in a positive environment provided by her teacher.

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Table of Contents:-
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    2.3 ChLong Answer

📃Introduction: Bholi :- 

Bholi is a character in a chapter named 'Bholi' of the English textbook for Class-10. It is a story of the life and struggle of a simple girl named Shulekha. This story depicts that how the character of Bholi develops over the course of time under the proper guidance of her teacher. This story was written by an indian novelist, journalist and film director Khwaja Ahmad Abbas (K. A. Abbas).

        K.A. Abbas has Sketched the character of Bholi very delicately. Infact the behaviour of other Characters towards Bholi stands true in the real world. The character are set against a village environment. Hence, it was relevant to show Bholi's parents' traditional thinking. 

         The writer has also succeeded in conveying his message. Through the character of Bholi, he tried to depict the challenges faces by a girls having different mental condition with a less good-looking face. But, the transformation of the character of Bholi from 'Bholi' to 'Shulekha' shows the value of education. As Bholi was now educated, she was no more Bholi (a simpleton) but 'shulekha'. Now, we have enough background to discuss the character Sketch of Bholi.

Let's attempt to Sketch the character of Bholi:-

इस आर्टिकल को हिन्दी मे पढ़ने के लिए नीचे दिए लिंक पर क्लिक करें:- link 🖇️ character Sketch of Bholi in Hindi.

✒️Character Sketch of Bholi (Short Answer):-

Bholi was a simple and neglected girl. She was the fourth daughter of Ramlal. Her real name was Shulekha. She was an introvert and innocent child, hence she came to be called  'Bholi' means 'the simpleton'. Within the two years of her age, two unfortunate events occured to her. First, she fell of the cot and second, she had an attacked of small-pox. One left her brain slightly damaged and the other left pock marks all over her body.

Bholi was a neglected child, even looked down upon by her own family. This made her under-confident. But, then she went to school. She got there a very kind teacher and she began to acquire confidence and knowledge. In the course of time she became a knowledgeable and educated person. Indeed, one can transform herself if provided with a positive and kind environment.

Character Sketch of Bholi (In Points) :

  • A simple and innocent girl.
  • Not good looking.
  • Marks of chicken pox on face and body.
  • Introvert and under-confident.
  • Stammered while speaking
  • Was Bholi means simpleton.
  • A neglected child.
  • Later hardworking and became knowledgeable.
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    📍Let's discuss the character Sketch of Bholi in more detail:-

    ✒️Character Sketch of Bholi (Long Answer):-

    Bholi's real name was Shulekha. She was a simple and very innocent child; that's why the name Bholi, means the simpleton. She was the fourth daughter of Ramlal who was the revenue official of the village (numberdar). 

    When she was only ten months old, she fallen off her cot resulting into a head injury. It made a severe impact on her brain.

    Further, at the age of two years she had an attack of small-pox. It left many dark spots and marks on all over her body. She was unable to speak until the age of five. When she started speaking, she stammered. She did not talk to other childs as they often made fun of her. Even she was looked down upon by her family members itself.

    Bholi's medical condition and others' treatment towards her made her under-confident. But Bholi was not unfortunate at everything. She was lucky enough to find a good teacher who genuinely understood her condition. She treated her gently and with her support Bholi became confident and began acquiring understanding. She was a hard working child and a dedicated learner. She never looked back and improved herself as she knew that she is backed by her teacher. Even she stood up against the social evil. Undoubtedly, with a kind behaviour and gentle treatment provided by her teacher, she broke away with her fear and transformed herself.

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    📄Frequently Asked Questions:-

    1) What kind of girl Bholi is?

    Answer- Bholi is a simple and innocent girl. She stammers while speaking. That's why she speaks little and is an introvert.
    But she is hard working and under the proper guidance and support of her teacher she  becomes an educated person.

    2) Who was the father of Bholi?

    Answer- Bholi's father's name was Ramlal. He was a revenue official (numberdar) in the village.

    3) What was Bholi's real name?

    Answer- Bholi's real name was Shulekha. As she was very introvert and innocent child she came to be called Bholi means the simpleton.

    Character Sketch of Bholi Class-10
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