Character Sketch of Bholi's teacher in 100 words

Character Sketch of Bholi's Teacher 

Q. Sketch the character of Bholi's teacher in 100 words.


Q. Give the character sketch of Bholi's teacher in 150 words.

Answer :

Bholi's teacher was a very kind hearted and a good person. When she asked Bholi about her name, Bholi stammered. Bholi's teacher quickly understands that Bholi is differently abled than other children. She encouraged Bholi to speak.

Bholi was always neglected by others. But Bholi's teacher supported her. This made Bholi confident. She started Learning and reading books. Gradually, she could speak without any stammering. Indeed, Bholi's teacher had transformed her from Bholi to Shulekha.

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Q. give a brief character sketch of bholi and describe the role of the teacher played in her life.

Answer :

Bholi was a very innocent and introvert child. She had pock marks on her face and was not normal mentally and intellectually like other childs. Hence she got the name Bholi, means the simpleton.

Bholi's teacher played the most prominent role in her life. She understood her conditions and acted accordingly. She got her educated and transformed her from Bholi to Shulekha. Thus it is her teacher who changed Bholi's life completely by supporting her throughout the journey.

Table of Contents:-

📄 Contents :-

🏛️Introduction : Bholi & Teacher :-

Bholi is a character in the English textbook of class-10. She is a very innocent and introvert child, hence she got the name Bholi, means the simpleton. Within the age of two years she had a head injury and an attack of small-pox. These two incidents set the fate of Bholi's upcoming life.

She was not pretty as she had the marks of small pox all over her body. Nor was she intelligent as she had gone through the head injury which slightly damaged her brain. Hence, her parents were worried about her marriage. Even, they agreed easily on marrying her to an elderly man of the age same as her father, Ramlal. But here the fate is turned, as Bholi is now educated, thanks to her teacher.

Thus the credit of Bholi's transformation to Shulekha goes to her teacher. She plays a pivotal role in transforming Bholi from a mere innocent child to an outspoken educated person.  Let's discuss the character Sketch of Bholi's teacher in more detail.

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✒️Character Sketch of Bholi's teacher (Short Answer) :-

Bholi's teacher was a very kind hearted and good person. When she first saw Bholi, she asked for her name. But Bholi stammered. She quickly understands that Bholi's mental and physical abilities are different from other child's. She encourages her to speak. She was very different from others whom Bholi met earlier.

Bholi was always neglected by her family. But the support that she got from her teacher made her feel confident. She started looking forward with Learning and reading books. Now, she can speak without any stammering. She can also stand against social evils such as dowry. This all was possible only because of Bholi's teacher.

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Character Sketch of Bholi's Teacher (In Points) :

  • Bholi's teacher was an kind hearted person.
  • Her voice was soothing.
  • She was compassionate towards Bholi.
  • Had ability to engage with those remain unattended.
  • She was unlike Bholi's parents.
  • She encouraged Bholi to learn and gain knowledge.
  • Supported Bholi throughout her journey.
  • ✒️Character Sketch of Bholi's teacher (long & detailed answer) :-

    Bholi's teacher was a kind, empathetic and a good person. She was entirely different from the other people whom Bholi met earlier. When she initially asked Bholi about her name, Bholi stammered. She quickly learns Bholi's condition and encourages her. Even, Bholi herself thinks in her mind that she has never heard such a soothing voice. Bholi's parents never talked to her like that. They always looked down upon her and neglected her. The kind of attention and special care that Bholi got from her teacher was never experienced by Bholi before.

    Bholi's teacher is an educated person, she knows that a person/ child with different mental condition should be given extra care and kind treatment. She played a pivotal role in increasing Bholi's intrest in books and learning. With her support and guidance, Bholi learnt to speak without any stammering. She became an educated person who can stand for her cause, as is evident from her refusal to marry that elder man. This all happened only because Bholi got a very supportive teacher, who backed her in the whole journey. Even, at the end she accepts Bholi as a teacher in the same school where she teaches.

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    Character Sketch of Bholi's teacher class-10
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