After reading the story Bholi you find her to be a 'Role Model' for village girls, discuss

Bholi : A Role Model for Village girls 
after reading the story bholi you find her to be a 'role model' for village girls, discuss.

Q. After reading the story Bholi you find her to be a 'Role Model' for village girls, discuss.  'Or'

Q. How Bholi became a master piece of her teacher?       'Or'

Q. How did Bholi become a Role Model for Village girls?      

Answer- Bholi was a petty child. She had suffered head injury and an attack of small-pox at a very young age. These two misfortunes made Bholi's life very difficult as well as different from other children. 

Being a girl itself posed quite a challange before Bholi, as girls were not allowed to sent schools to study. Above this, her mental condition and pock marks driven face added further to her challanges. Even she was neglected and looked down upon by her own parents. As she stammered while speaking, other students mimicked her and made fun of her ugly face. 

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These all events could have made one a very under-confident and less social person. Which indeed we see with Bholi as well. But, Bholi was not among those who regret their life. When supported by her teacher, she started looking forward and made progress. She learnt to speak well without any stammering. She acquired knowledge. She then never looked back.

The dumb cow, as she was called by her mother, was transformed into a well educated Shulekha. Every one was astonished by her transformation. Indeed, she was a 'role model' for the village girls.

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