Character Sketch of Bishambar (Class-10)

 Character Sketch of Bishambar (Class-10)

Introduction : Bishamber :-

Bishamaber is a character in the story 'Bholi' of the English textbook of class-10. He was a middle aged, lame and rich man. He was nearly the same age as Bholi’s father. He had grown up childs from his first wife. But now he was willing to marry Bholi. Bholi's parents agreed to marry Bholi with him, as Bholi had marks of pox all over her body. They did not tell Bishamber about Bholi's appearance.
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Sketch the character of Bishambar Class-10

Character Sketch of Bishambar:-

Bishamber was wealthy shopkeeper and had a big house. As he was quite elder to Bholi, he agreed to marry Bholi without any dowry. But when, in the middle of marriage, he saw Bholi's face, he started demanding dowry of rupees five thousands. Bholi's father begged him not to demand dowry. Even he put his turban on Bishamber's feet. But Bishambar was adamant to his demand.
At last Ramlal, Bholi's father, had to bring rupees five thousand for giving dowry to Bishambar. He put the money at Bishambar's feet. But at this point Bholi stands up and refuses to marry Bishamber. As she had became educated enough to stand against the social evils like dowry.

Character Sketch of Bishambar (In Points) :

  • A wealthy shopkeeper.
  • Owned a big house.
  • Was quite old, about the age of Bholi's father.
  • Employed the practice of dowry.
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