Character Sketch of Ramlal (Bholi's father) & Bholi's Mother

 Character Sketch of Ramlal (Bholi's father) & Bholi's mother

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๐Ÿ›️Introduction: Ramlal & Bholi's mother :-

Ramlal and his wife are the characters in a story titled 'Bholi'. It has been included in the syllabus of the English textbook for Class-10. It is a story of the life and struggle of a simple girl named Shulekha also called Bholi. Ramlal is Bholi's father.  This story was written by an indian novelist, journalist and film director Khwaja Ahmad Abbas (K. A. Abbas).

๐Ÿ“Let's attempt to Sketch the character of Bholi's parents (Bholi's father & Mother):
Character Sketch of Ramlal (Bholi's father)
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✒️Character Sketch of Ramlal (Bholi's father) :-

Ramlal was a prestigious clerk (Numberdar) under a tahsildar. He was a typical conservative village man who considered males superior to females. He was narrow minded and did not believed in educating women. Even he arranged the marriage of his own daughters at an early age. But, he had to send his last daughter Bholi, whom he considered ugly and nonsense, to school as he did not wanted to disobey the orders of tahsildar.

Character Sketch of Ramlal (In Detail):-

Ramlal was Bholi's father. He was quite traditional in his outlook. He was a revenue official (numberdar) in the village. He was quite prosperous. He had seven children- four daughters and three sons. He had sent his son to city for education. But he did not provide any education to his daughters. 

As usual for a village man, he had very traditional thinking. He arranged his daughters' marriage quite early. But he was worried about Bholi, as she was neither good-looking nor did she had natural mental condition. 

But, he had to send Bholi to school under the pressure from tehsildar. As he was a representative of government to his village. Sending his girls to school would make a precedence. However, He sent Bholi to school as no one will marry her anyways because of her pox marked face.

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๐Ÿ“Now, let's have a look at the Character Sketch of Bholi's Mother:-

✒️Character Sketch of Ramlal's wife (Bholi's mother) :-

Bholi's mother was a typical age-old village woman. She had very backward thinking. She believed that girls should not be sent to school for education, otherwise no one will marry them. She never thought high of Bholi. She called her the 'dumb cow'.

Bholi was never taken care of by her. She was provided with the old worn clothes of her sister. Neither she was bathed daily. Nor was her hair maintained. She was just neglected by her parents.

Her parents only wanted to get rid off her. The only way was the marriage. But as she was not good looking, finding a good groom was difficult. So, they agreed to marry her with Bishamber who was of the same age as Ramlal. This decision was also influenced by Bholi's mother. Who convinced Ramlal to marry her to Bishambar. As she thought no one would  marry Bholi anyway.

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