How was Bholi's teacher different from her family members

Que. How did Bholi find her school teacher different from her family members?

Que. How was Bholi's teacher different from the other people she knew?

Answer- Bholi's school teacher had been very supportive and helpful throughout Bholi's journey. Unlike Bholi's parents, who neglected her and even looked down upon her, her teacher never made a difference between Bholi and other children. She understood Bholi's condition very well and encouraged her through her transformation from Bholi to Shulekha.

Bholi's Teacher was an educated person, who understands the circumstances very well. She was a kind and tender hearted person. When she initially asked Bholi about her name, Bholi stammered. Bholi's teacher quickly learns that Bholi's condition is different from others. She provides an extra care and support to Bholi. 

This additional care was much needed for Bholi. As she never received any good treatment from others. Even her family members neglected Bholi. Bholi's parents saw her as a burden. They never taken care of Bholi as they did for their other children. Bholi was never bathed, nor was she provided with new clothes.

In such circumstances Bholi became very introvert and under-confident. She avoided going out, playing with others, as they also made fun of her. In such a time Bholi's teacher brought an unparalleled relief to her. Although she knew that Bholi's condition was different but she never made a difference between her and other children. Even she personally guided her through her way.

Under the guidance of her teacher Bholi became a knowledgeable person. She started standing for herself and against the social evils. She was transformed from Bholi to Shulekha.

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How did Bholi find her school teacher different from her family members?


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