5 Characteristics of Lencho | Lencho's Character Sketch In Points

 Character Sketch of Lencho (In Points) | 5 Characteristics of Lencho

Q. Write 5 characteristics of Lencho's character.

5 characteristics of Lencho's Character are here:
  1. A simple and innocent and hardworking farmer.
  2. He had unparalleled faith in God.
  3. He lived life with limited means.
  4. He disliked corruption.
  5. Believed that God can see everything and God always helps the needy.

Lencho character sketch in points :

  1. A small simple and innocent person.
  2. A hardworking farmer.
  3. Had immense faith in God.
  4. Living life with limited means.
  5. He disliked corruption.
  6. Believed that God can see everything.
  7. Believed that God always helps the needy.
  8. Lencho was an optimist.
  9. He did not lose hope despite multiple hardships.
Character Sketch of Lencho in points

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Q1. What are the good qualities of Lencho?

Answer- Lencho had many good attributes, which are as follows:-
  1. Immense faith in God.
  2. He was very innocent.
  3. He believed in hard working and disliked corruption.
  4. As he put faith on God, he did not lose his hope.
  5. He genuinely believed that God is watching his hardships.

Q2.Give the character sketch of Lencho?

Answer- Lencho was a farmer having a family of four, including two children. His field was destroyed by a bad shower and hailstorm. As he had immense faith in the God, he decided to write a letter to God. He asked a help of 100 peso. He had belief that the God is watching his good deeds and in his bad times he will send him the help.

Lencho put the letter addressed to God in the postbox. When the postmaster finds the letter, seeing the faith of Lencho, he decides to send the help by himself. But, he only manages to send 70 pesos. When Lencho find the letter with less money, he blames the officials of post office of stealing the rest of money.

Q3. What kind of a person Lencho is?

Answer- Lencho was a very innocent person, living his life with limited means. But he had immense faith in God. He believed in hard working and disliked corruption. He believed that God always help people with pure and clear conscience.
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