Character Sketch of Mr. Loisel (The Necklace)

 Character Sketch of Mr. Loisel (Monsieur Loisel)

Introduction : Monsieur Loisel :

Monsieur Loisel is a character in the story The Necklace written by Guy De Maupassant. The Necklace is a story of Loisel couples who are not much well off. In the story Loisel couples has to suffer a lot after mrs. Loisel gets lost an expensive necklace, which they borrowed for a night.
Character Sketch of Mr. Loisel (The Necklace)

Character Sketch of Monsieur Loisel :

Mr. Loisel is a simple hardworking man, who works as a clerk. He lives a simple life with limited means. But he does not complain about it.

Mr. Loisel loves his wife and does everything to make her happy. However, his wife Matilda is not content with her life. She wants to live a life with extravagance and luxury.

When mr. Loisel gets an invitation to a ball with his wife, his wife wants a costly necklace. He suggests she should borrow a necklace from her rich friend, Madame Forestier. When Matilda loses her necklace, he puts his hard-earned savings to buy a new necklace and becomes indebted. 

Mr. Loisel works very hard to repay the debt they had incurred. He is ready to make an enormous sacrifice to maintain his family. He is a man who believes in living a life within one’s means. Unfortunately, because he is lenient towards his wife, he has to undergo much suffering.

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Character Sketch of Mr. Loisel (In Points) :

  1. Mr. Loisel is a simple man working as a clerk.
  2. He is very hard working.
  3. Lives life with limited means.
  4. Does not like extravagance and show off.
  5. He is not complainant about his petty condition.
  6. Loves his wife very much.
  7. A man with dignity.
  8. Does not run away from difficulties.

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