MA 4th SEM English Literature (Critical Theory) Question Paper 2022 (APSU)

M.A. IV Semester Examination June-2022 

English Literature (Paper - 1) 

Critical Theory

Time: 3 Hours

Section-A (Objective type question)

Note: Attempt all questions. Each question carries 02 marks.

(5x2=10) | Max.M. 85/ Min.M.28

Q1. Choose the correct option :

(i) Name the types of Dhwani - 

(a) 2                       (b) 3           

(c) 4                       (d) 5

(ii) How many functions of language are there according to I.A. Richards - 

(a) 2                       (b) 3   

(c) 4                       (d) 5

(iii) Who made "New Criticism" Popular -

(a) Ferdinand Saussure
(b) Edward said 
(c) J.C. Ransom
(d) F.R. Leavis

(iv) Who propounded the theory of Deconstruction - 

(a) J.C. Ransom
(b) I.A. Richards
(c) J. Derrida 
(d) Allen Tate

(v) Edward Said's essay crisis (In Orientalism) speaks about the.....

(a) Hegemony of East
(c) Hegemony of South
(b) Hegemony of West
(d) Hegemony of North

MA 4th SEM English Literature (Critical Theory) Question Paper 2022 (APSU)

Section-B (Short Answer type questions)

Note: Attempt any five questions. Each question carries 07 marks.


Q2. Write a note on Dhwani theory.

Q3. Discuss synchronic and diachronic study of language.

Q4. Throw light on two uses of language as enunciated by I.A. Richards. 

Q5. Discuss J.C. Ransom's views on poetry.

Q6. Describe Leavis's concept of literary criticism.

Q7. Evaluate Derrida's views on structure and sign.

08. Discuss Edward Said's views on orientalism.

Q9. Write a note on the basic characteristics in feminist criticism. 

Q10. Discuss I.A. Richard's practical criticism citing examples.

Section-C (Long Answer type questions)

Note: Attempt any two questions. Each question carries 20 marks.


Q11. "Contribution of Saussure is exemplary in the field of structuralism". Elucidate this statement. 

Q12. Discuss I.A. Richards as a modern critic. 

Q13. Describe the contribution of Anand Vardhan in the field of criticism. 

Q14. "It is said that Derridea is a post structuralist." Do you agree with this ? Give your reasoned answer. 

Q15. Discuss Edward Said as a critic of new dimension.

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