MA English Question paper (English Language) 4th Semester

M.A. Question Paper, June-2022

English Literature (Paper - II) 

English Language

Max.M. 85/ Min.M.28

Section-A (Objective type question)

Note: Attempt all questions. Each question carries 02 marks.


Q1. Choose the correct option :

(i) What is the scientific study of language - 

(a) Linguistics     (b) Syntax
(c) Morphology   (d) Phonetics

(ii) What is the study of sentence construction -

(a) Linguistics      (b) Syntax
(c) Morphology    (d) Phonetics

(iii) The Study of phonetics can be divided into - 

(a) Four                  (b) Five
(c) Three                (d) Two

(iv) The Smallest unit of words is called - 

(a) Phoneme         (b) Allophone
(c) Semantics        (d) morpheme

(v) Which of these is not a level of language - 

(a) Running           (b) Phonology 
(c) Sentence          (c) Grammar

MA English Question paper (English Language) 4th Semester

Section-B (Short Answer type questions)

Note: Attempt any five questions. Each question carries 07 marks.


Q2. Define language citing proper examples.

Q3. Define morphology. Explain with examples.

Q4. Distinguish between phonetics & phonology.

Q5. Describe the phonemes of English.

Q6. What is Zero morph ?

Q7. Write in short about stress and intonation.

Q8. Explain relative clauses giving proper examples.

Q9. Define word classes.

Q10. Explain the linguistics levels.

Section-C (Long Answer type questions) 

Note: Attempt any two questions. Each question carries 20 marks. 


Q11. Distinguish between phonologically conditioning and morphologically conditioning.

Q12. What do you mean by phonetic transcription ? Explain with proper examples. 

Q13. How many types of grammar are? Explain giving proper examples. 

Q14.  Distinguish between the phonological and morphological conditioning of alternations. 

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