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Organic Theory of State | Political Theory | PSIR | UPSC

 Organic Theory of State Organic theory of State: 🔹 The earliest concept on the State. 🔹Compares the State with an organism or Living body and the individuals with its organs. Two implications : 1. The existence and worth of individuals depend on the existence of the State similar to the organs' relation with their organism. 2. different groups and classes in society are naturally fit to perform different function similar to the functions of various organs in an organism. Key concept : State as a natural Institution: 🔹 State is a natural institution. 🔹Existence of man can't be imagined without the State. 🔹Ancients Greeks held, " State comes into existence for the sake of life and continues for the sake of good life ". 🔹 Aristotle : man is by nature a political animal. 🔹 One who lives without the State is either a beast or god. 🔹 State is prior to man. Challenged by mechanistic theory in 17th century (scientific revolution) :  Individuals as related atoms.