Character Sketch of Matilda in Points | Class-10

 Character Sketch of Matilda in Points 

Q. Give the characteristics of Matilda's character in The Necklace.

Answer :
Matilda is a woman character in the story 'the necklace'. She is a poor lady and is married to a poor clerk. The story is about the ambition of the poor woman Matilda to appear as if she is rich. This show off by her leads to very detrimental consequences and suffering. This story is written by a French author Guy De Maupassant. It has been included in the syllabus of Class 10 English textbook foot prints.

Character Sketch of Matilda (In Points) :

  • A pretty young lady.
  • Belonged to a less well-off family.
  • Aspired to live a rich and luxurious life.
  • Showy nature and show-off.
  • Loved to receive compliments.
  • A tactful woman.
  • Can easily manipulate and convience others.
  • Short-sighted, lacked prudence.
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