How would you describe Mr Keesing as a teacher? Class-10

 Mr. Keesing as a teacher

Q. How would you describe Mr. Keesing as a teacher?

Anne Frank writes about Mr. Keesing in her diary. Mr. Keesing was, as per Anne Frank, a strict teacher. She says so because he didn't allowed her to talk in the classroom. Despite many warnings still Anne talked in the classroom. Hence, mr. Keesing punished her.

Mr. Keesing's punishment to Anne was not a physical punishment. Rather he gave her to write an essay as a punishment. But when Anne wrote convincing arguments in the essay. Mr Keesing laughed on it, he was impressed. And he also allowed her to talk in the classroom.

Thus, Mr. Keesing could be described as a fair teacher. Who wants discipline in the classroom. He is strict but accomodating as well. He also recognises talent and creativity which reflects in his treatment to Anne post reading the essays.

Introduction : Anne & Mr. Keesing 

Anne Frank was a Jewish girl living in Germany during WW2. She was fairly a teenager who had similar wishes like others of her age. She had no best friend, on whom she could confide. Therefore, she started writing a diary, which according to her was her only best friend. Today we know that diary as the diary of Anne Frank.

A portion of it is also included in the syllabus of class-10 English book First Flight. In her diary Anne talks about many things. We get to know her views about different things and people. She talks of her bonding with her father and grandmother. 

In her diary Anne Frank also talks about her teacher. Whose name was Mr. Keesing. She portrays Mr. Keesing as a strict teacher. She says that she was not allowed to talk in the class. However, we know that she was a talkative girl.

However, Anne also says that Mr. Keesing is most unpredictable. Because on one hand he punished Anne for her talkative nature but on the other hand he laughed on her essays. So, we do not see the relation of Anne with Mr. Keesing as a typical student -teacher relationship.

Now, let's discuss is Mr. Keesing really a strict teacher as Anne called him :

Q. Do you think Mr Keesing was a strict teacher?

Anne calls mr. Keesing a strict teacher. However, Mr. Keesing was a strict teacher, he was not rigidly strict. He was a typical traditional teacher who expected discipline and silence in his class while he was teaching. As Anne talked very much in the class, he punished her by asking her to write an essay on ‘A Chatterbox’. 

When Anne wrote a convincing essay on it and justified her being a chatterbox, Mr. Keesing received it with a good laugh. However, when Anne continued with her talking, he punished her again by asking her to write another essay; this time the topic was ‘An Incorrigible Chatterbox’.

Even then when she kept talking, he asked her to write on the topic ‘Quack Quack Quack, said Mistress Chatterbox'. He was trying to play a joke on Anne. However, when she came up with a brilliant poem, he read this poem in the class, recognising the content in essay and her talent. Therefore, we can not label Mr. Keesing as an entirely strict teacher. He was fun-loving too and he acknowledged the talent.

How would you describe Mr Keesing as a teacher? Class-10


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