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Welcome to the GentlemenGyan. The website is meant to spread knowledge and information in various streams. Currently it focuses on the contents related to English literature, Political Science and other humanities Subjects. We may also consider enlarging our services based on the readers and writers views and suggestions.

The website is open to all who have curiosity and wants to learn something. If you have any doubts, you are welcome to communicate those with us. Some of you who are interested in contributing to this site, you can contact us through following email address : abhitantuway1289@gmail.com

The website is owned by Mr. Abhishek Tantuway.  He is an student of various disciplines including English Literature, Political Science and other humanities subjects. Currently he is working on this website and also aspires to be a civil servant. He always displays utter enthusiasm in learning new thing and gaining knowledge. You can contact him through the email provided above.

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