PSIR Questions

 PSIR Questions with Answers 


Theories of State
2020 Comment on : Pluralist theory of State. (150/10)
2019 Comment on : Pluralist theory of State.
2019 Discuss Kautilya's views on the elements of the State. (200 /15)
2018 Critically examine the neo-liberal theory of State. (250 /20)
2017 Comment on: Neo-liberal perspective of State. (150/ 10)
2017 Comment on: Hobbesian notion of Political Obligation. (150/ 10)
2015 Comment on: Gandhi’s Views on State. (150/ 10)
2015 Examine the challenges to sovereignty of the State in the contemporary world. (250 /20)
2015 Discuss the key features of pre-Marxist socialist theory. (200 /15)
2015 Discuss the relationship between base and superstructure in Marxist theory. (200/ 15)
2013 Comment on: "Covenants without swords are but words and of no strength to secure a man at all." (Hobbes) (150/ 10)
2013 Analyse, as per Kautilya, the Saptanga theory of the state. (150 /15)
2012 What is meant bu ‘relative autonomy’ of State in Marxist analysis? (250 /20)



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