Question Papers and Important Links for English Literature

 Question Papers & Important Links for English Literature 

Table of Contents :

    2.1 Critical Theory

Critical Theory

  • Concept of Rasa in Natyashastra.
  • Contribution of Bharat Muni in art.
  • Aristotle's theory of Catharsis.
  • Aristotle's theory of Poetic Imitation.
  • Aristotle's theory of tragedy.
  • Elements of the Tragedy.
  • Aristotle's conception of a tragic hero. (To be uploaded soon)
  • Discuss principle sources of sublimity.

  • Question Papers:-

    English Language (Linguistics)

  • Organs of Speech.
  • Approaches to study of language: Synchronic and diachronic.
  • Difference between Synchronic and diachronic linguistics.
  • What is RP in English language.
  • Varieties of spoken language : Registers, dialect and style.
  • Phonemes and allophones.
  • Difference between phonetics and phonology.
  • What is Phonetics and Phonology.
  • How English because a world language?

  • Question Papers:-

    Indian Writings in English

  • Character Sketch of Maya in Cry the Peacock.
  • Aurobindo Ghosh as a Poet.
  • Discuss various Themes of Geetanjali of Tagore.
  • Theme of Savitri.
  • Character Sketch of Maya.
  • Discuss Anita Desai as a Novelist.

  • Question Papers:-

  • Degree College Satna 2021.

  • American Literature

  • Emerson as an Essayist.
  • Summary of Self Reliance.
  • Summary of wing of fire.
  • Walt Whitman as a poet of Democracy.
  • Sketch the character of yank.
  • Discuss Yank as a tragic hero.
  • Show your acquaintance with the landmarks of the life of Eugene O'Neill.

  • Question Papers:-

    SEMESTER-4 (English Literature)

    Literary Criticism
  • Edward Said : Orientalism.
  • Edward Said as a Critic.
  • English Language
    Indian English Writings
    American Literature

    British Literature

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