Important Questions for MA English Literature SEMESTER-3


Important Questions for MA English literature semester -3
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  1. Concept of Rasa in Natyashastra.
  2. Contribution of Bharat Muni in art.
  3. Aristotle's theory of Catharsis.
  4. Aristotle's theory of Poetic Imitation.
  5. Aristotle's theory of tragedy.
  6. Elements of the Tragedy.
  7. Aristotle's conception of a tragic hero. (To be uploaded soon)
  8. Discuss principle sources of sublimity.

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  1. Organs of Speech.
  2. Approaches to study of language: Synchronic and diachronic.
  3. Difference between Synchronic and diachronic linguistics.
  4. What is RP in English language.
  5. Registers, dialect and style.
  6. Phonemes and allophones.
  7. Difference between phonetics and phonology.
  8. What is Phonetics and Phonology.
  9. How English because a world language?

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  1. Character Sketch of Maya in Cry the Peacock.
  2. Aurobindo Ghosh as a Poet.
  3. Discuss various Themes of Geetanjali.
  4. Theme of Savitri.
  5. Character Sketch of Maya.
  6. Discuss Anita Desai as a Novelist.

Question Papers:-


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