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MA English Literature Question paper (Indian Writings in English) SEM-4 June 2022

M.A. SEM-4 Question paper English Literature (Paper - III)  Indian Writing in English Time: 3 Hours Max.M. 85/ Min.M.28 Section-A (Objective type question) Note : Attempt all questions. Each question carries 02 marks. Q1. Choose the correct option : (5x2=10) (i) Mulk Raj Anand was born in... (a) 1905          (b) 1908  (c) 1910          (d) 1912  (ii) Untouchable was first published in... (a) 1935          (b) 1940  (c) 1945          (d) 1950 (iii) Panchtantra was written by... (a) Vishnu Sharma  (b) Munsi Premchand (c) Amitav Ghosh (d) M.R. Anand (iv) The English teacher is written by...     (a) R.K. Narayan  (b) Amitav Ghosh  (c) Shashe Deshpande (d) Vishnu Sharma (v) Who has said 'I don't think that I had any special hankering to write poetry'... (a) Kamala Das  (b) R.K. Narayan  (c) Sarojini Naidu  (d) Amitav Ghosh Answers: (i)a, (ii)a (iii)a, (iv)a, (v)a Section-B (Short Answer type questions)  Note : 07×5=35 marks/ Attempt any five questions. Q2. Examine the

MA 4th SEM English Literature (Critical Theory) Question Paper 2022 (APSU)

M.A. IV Semester Examination June-2022  English Literature (Paper - 1)  Critical Theory Time: 3 Hours Section-A (Objective type question) Note : Attempt all questions. Each question carries 02 marks. (5x2=10) | Max.M. 85/ Min.M.28 Q1. Choose the correct option : (i) Name the types of Dhwani -  (a) 2                       (b) 3            (c) 4                       (d) 5 (ii) How many functions of language are there according to I.A. Richards -  (a) 2                       (b) 3    (c) 4                       (d) 5 (iii) Who made "New Criticism" Popular - (a) Ferdinand Saussure (b) Edward said  (c) J.C. Ransom (d) F.R. Leavis (iv) Who propounded the theory of Deconstruction -  (a) J.C. Ransom (b) I.A. Richards (c) J. Derrida  (d) Allen Tate (v) Edward Said's essay crisis (In Orientalism) speaks about the..... (a) Hegemony of East (c) Hegemony of South (b) Hegemony of West (d) Hegemony of North Section-B (Short Answer type questions) Note : Attempt any five quest

MA English Questions Paper (English Language) Paper - 2 (3rd semester)

 Previous year question paper of MA 3rd SEM English Literature Credit: MA SEM III EXAM 2021 DEGREE COLLEGE SATNA ENGLISH LANGUAGE (PAPER-2) SECTION-A Objective Type Questions 2×5=10 Marks Q1. Choose the correct option :- 1) Total number of vowel sounds in English is :- a) 24                               b) 20  c) 26                               d) non of these 2) In common English pronunciation /eI/ is a :- a) alphabet                    b) pure vowel  c) monophthong          d) diphthong 3) Articulatory, Acoustic and Auditory are the three major branches of:- a) Phonology                b) Semantics  c) Phonetics                  d) Grammar 4) Signal out the active organ of speech :- a) tongue                       b) Teeth  c) Uvula                         d) Palate 5) Scientific study of language is called :- a) Sentence                   b) Grammar  c) Linguistics                d) Literature SECTION-B Short Answer Type (any five) 7×5=35 Marks Q2. Give some def

Previous year question paper of MA English Literature (Indian Writings in English) Paper - 3 (3rd semester)

 MA English Literature Previous year Question Paper Credit: MA SEM III EXAM 2021 DEGREE COLLEGE SATNA INDIAN WRITINGS IN ENGLISH (PAPER-3) Section-A Objective Type Questions Q1. Choose the correct option :- 2×5=10 Marks 1) Tagore was given the Nobel Award in..... a)1913.     b)1923 c)1918.     d)non of these 2) Wings of Fire is a..... a) biography.        b) autobiography c) A play.                 d) A story 3) Who is known as a mystic poet :- a)Arun Joshi.     b) Tagore c) Anita Desai.    d) Badal Sirkar 4) Valley of Assassins is written by :- a) Badal Sircar.    b)Arun Joshi c) Anita Desai.      d) Asif Currimbhoy 5) Maya is a character in.... a) Savitri .     b) Geetanjali c) The city and the river. d) Cry, the Peacock Section -B Short answer type (any five) 7×5=35 Marks Q2. Explain with reference to context :- It was the hour before the God's awake, Across the path of the divine event. The huge foreboding mind of the night alone, In her unit temple of Eternit