Theme of Savitri an epic poetry by Aurobindo

Theme of Savitri of Aurobindo Ghosh Introduction: Sri Aurobindo:- Sri Aurobindo, a great philosopher, a saint, a nationalist, a poet and a yogi, is an outstanding figure in the modern Indian history. He is one of the greatest personalities in the literary world as well. His poetic achievement has brought him a place of honour among modern Indian English writers. His versatile poetic genius has found its perfect expression in his famous epic 'Savitri'. It is his highest poetic accomplishment. One can not fully appreciate and understand Aurobindo's philosophy without fully understanding Savitri. SRI AUROBINDO GHOSH Profile Born August 15, 1872, Kolkata Died December 5, 1950, Puducherry Profession Philosopher, poet, freedom fighter Philosophy Integral Yoga, Evolutionism, Supermind, intermediate zone Nationality Indian Education University of Cambridge Influences Spiritualism, Indian philosop

Aristotle's theory of imitation (Poetics - Critical Theory)

Aristotle's Theory of Imitation  Introduction : Aristotle :- Aristotle has the privilege to be regarded as the greatest literary thinker in the world. Aristotle, who enriched his mental horizon through the teaching of Plato and intellectual interactions with his disciples, wrote a famous treatise 'Poetics'. Poetics entered into the world of literary criticism like a fresh breeze into an old house. Aristotle profile Born 384 BC, Greece Died 382 BC, Greece Profession Philosopher, First scientist Founded Lyceum Nationality Greek Education Platonic Academy Influences Socrates, Plato, Pythagoras, Epicurus etc. Students Alexander, Theophrastus Influenced Kant, Descartes, Aquinas, Rousseau etc. Works Nicomachean ethics, poetics, politics, metaphysics Aristotle's Theory of Imitation:- Aristotle was the first to introduce that the art imitates the nature. In Aristotle's